Programul Operational Sectorial "Cresterea Competitivitatii Economice"
"Investitii pentru viitorul dumneavoastra"
Actiuni de crestere a vizibilitatii si promovare a activitatii polului de competitivitate Automotive Sud-Vest Oltenia
Proiect cofinantat prin Fondul European de Dezvoltare Regionala

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Pole identity

Automotive field in Craiova is far above other urban centers in the region, including in what regards available resources of intelligence, mobilization and entrepreneurship.

Promoting South West Oltenia Automotive Competitiveness Pole
at high standards on domestic and international markets has as strategic target to develop a creative and innovative profile, unique to the region, capable of speculating areas in which Craiova really has strategic advantages in comparison with other competitors (universities, administrative services, medical services, etc.);

Craiova still holds great potential in the development of ‘traditional’ economic activities (car industry, chemical industry, energy sector), but it can also rely on highly qualified human resources in areas such as technical, IT, banking, medical services, etc.;

The success of promoting the identity of South West Oltenia Automotive Competitiveness Pole, tactically and at an operational level, depends on the capacity of all actors involved to implement in their own projects the Pole Promotion Strategy and to apply exactly the rules of the Manual of visual identity created by EVOBRAND, particularly with this goal.