Programul Operational Sectorial "Cresterea Competitivitatii Economice"
"Investitii pentru viitorul dumneavoastra"
Actiuni de crestere a vizibilitatii si promovare a activitatii polului de competitivitate Automotive Sud-Vest Oltenia
Proiect cofinantat prin Fondul European de Dezvoltare Regionala

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Our mission

Strategic vision of the Brand:

South West Oltenia Automotive Competitiveness Pole is the engine that will fully restart regional economy in the SW part of Romania and transform the whole area into an attractive and competitive European space.

Brand Mission:

South West Oltenia Automotive Competitiveness Pole will be positioned as a leading brand in the field, designed to attract investors in Automotive domain and not only, which would relocate their production capacities or develop greenfield businesses in Craiova and in the counties Mehedinti, Dolj, Gorj, Olt and Valcea.





Brand values​​:
The brand expresses EVOLUTION, DYNAMISM, AMBITION, COMPETITIVENESS, values ​​accompanying and expressing the best the areas of activity developed by all partners present in the South West Oltenia Competitiveness Pole.


TERMS defining the Brand:

It is UNIQUE precisely through the uniqueness in SW Oltenia region, conferred by the areas of activity of the pole members, gathered under the umbrella of Automotive, a competitive industry which is in a continuous technological progress and innovation.

It is COMPLETE as it brings together companies and enterprises with different profiles, but overall looming the Automotive domain, in all its forms.

It is CLEAR through the concise addressing mode, with no interpretations, complemented by a slogan transmitting dynamism, action and ambition.







The experience of the companies forming the pole.
Good public perception that the members of the pole have.
Attractiveness given by the success of businesses carried on by members of the pole.

The promotion strategy of South West Oltenia Automotive Competitiveness Pole aims to increase public notoriety and transparency of the pole’s actions and create a coherent picture of all the activities that will be performed in this regard.





Car producers:

SC Ford Romania S. A. – Car producers

Car subassemblies producers:

SC International Automotive Components Group LLC – Manufacturer of car interiors;

SC Kirchhoff Automotive Romania – manufacturer of automotive subassemblies;

SC Altur Slatina LLC. – Manufacturer of aluminum castings;

SC Novel Industry Ltd – manufacturer of aluminum castings.



Producers intending to develop the automotive industry:

SC. Popeci Heavy Equipment S.A. – manufacturer of equipment;

SC Indaeltrac LLC – manufacturer of electronic and electrical traction;

SC Nextrom Industry LLC – Manufacturer of machinery and equipment for general use;

SC SPIACT Craiova S. A. – Industrial production of switchgear interlocking and remote control railways.


Other companies:

SC Industrial Parc Craiova SA – industrial park;

SC EVOBRAND SRL – communication agency and full-service advertising

RO Software House LLC – software editing;

SC Avitech Co. LLC – commerce with electronic and communications equipment;

SC Polystart Impex LLC – Construction of civil and industrial buildings;

SC RM Motors Company LLC – Car service;

SC Entrerriors Servicios Generales SRL – metal constructions producer;

SC Blue Neon LLC – Web services;

SC Aptus Software LLC – Web services and solutions;

SC Sondrio Impex LLC – Construction of roads;

SC Tour Impex Mapamond MD LLC – Promotion activities, events organizing;

SC Cesi Automation LLC – Editing software;

SC Romsir Impex LLC – Plumbing and and heating installations.



Universities: University of Craiova – establishment of higher education

Study and education units –