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Actiuni de crestere a vizibilitatii si promovare a activitatii polului de competitivitate Automotive Sud-Vest Oltenia
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About the Pole


Automotive SW Oltenia Competitiveness Pole Center is the city of Craiova, located in south western Romania, at a distance of 227 km from Bucharest – the capital, being the most important town in the South-West Oltenia and having a total area of ​​8141 ha and a population of approximately 269.000 inhabitants.

Craiova is a major transportation node at national level, situated at the crossroads of three European routes transiting Romania: E 70 (La Coruña (E01) – Santander – Bordeaux – St.Etienne – Turin – Venice – Trieste – Zagreb – Beograd – Timisoara – Craiova – Bucharest – Varna / / Samsun – Poti (E60)); E 79 (Miskolc (E71) – Oradea – Brad – Deva – Petrosani Craiova – Vidin – Sofija – Thessaloniki (E86, E90)) and E 574 (Bacau (E85) – Onesti – Brasov – Pitesti – Craiova (E70, E79) .


Regarding the relationship with Europe and the ten corridors which aim to create links between Western and Eastern Europe, and between the states of Eastern Europe 4, Craiova city is crossed by the Corridor IV and it is situated at a distance of approximately 200 km of Corridor IX and 80 km of Corridor VII, thereby creating new opportunities for the population, businesses and local and regional authorities.

As regards to the spatial positioning from the main European poles, South West Oltenia Competitiveness Pole is at the following distances: Moscow-2149 km, Helsinki-2386 km, Sofia-1392 km, Budapest-625 km, Vienna-852 km, Berlin-1437 km, London-2292 km, Madrid-2798 km, Paris-2026 km, Athens-966 km, Brussels-2000 km, Istanbul-983 km.


Starting with this year, an international opportunity that was offered to Craiova and that will be valued and promoted in all events organized by SW Oltenia Competitiveness Pole is the completion of Calafat-Vidin bridge.

Thus, Calafat becomes the largest city in the proximity of Craiova, with the possibility of influencing the direction of traffic, on the condition to finalize the road modernization towards the city on the Danube.


South West Oltenia Automotive Competitiveness Pole was founded in January 2012, from the need of unification in a strategically well-defined entity, aiming to promote the Automotive domain developed in Craiova area, Dolj area and neighboring counties – Olt, Mehedinti, Gorj, Valcea, but especially to attract new investment.

The Pole’s founding members were: SW Oltenia Regional Development Agency as a management entity, Craiova Municipality, the University of of Craiova and Ford Romania.

Subsequently, for the co-opting of new members were carried out a series of actions designed to increase the interest of potential partners who would have liked to benefit from development projects and creating new jobs, built under the aegis of the Competitiveness Pole.


SW Oltenia Automotive Competitiveness Pole has to this date a total of 36 members, cars and auto parts manufacturers, design firms, consulting firms, research institutes – development, schools, non-governmental organizations, public authorities.

According to the classifications of urban centers in Romania in the Strategic Concept of Spatial Development Romania 2007-2030 (CSTR) the city of Craiova is defined as the National Pol OPUS (with Strategic Urban Horizon potential) and MEGA metropolitan potential.

This classification means that the city of Craiova is a nationally representative center who can develop tertiary metropolitan services with a high economic level, cultural and university centers with recognized identity, headquarters of territorial institutions with regional role and extended influence area.


From this point of view, the creation of the SW Oltenia Automotive Competitiveness Pole has all the prerequisites to develop strategic partnerships with similar poles at a national and international level and can successfully lead to the promotion of Oltenia as a region with industrial, human and scientific large scale capacities.
According to a study on the identification of the priority objectives of economic development in order to increase long-term competitiveness of the local economy in Craiova conducted by GEA Consulting at the beginning of 2009, from a territorial perspective, four separate areas / mergers are noted:

1) the most de